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Friday, January 30

Saturday, January 31

Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host

University Park Campus Bovard Auditorium (ADM)

3551 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, 90089


(JAN. 31) This American Life host Ira Glass has been working with Monica Bill Barnes & Company to invent a show that combines two art forms thatas Glass puts ithave no business being together: dance and radio. One is all words and no visuals. One is all visuals and no words. The result is a funny, lively and very talky evening of dance and stories that brought down the house in its first test run at Carnegie Hall. Glass and choreographer Monica Bill Barnes thought their work shared a sensibility. Glass found Barness dances funny and intensely personal. Barnes, in turn, says, Ira has a way of telling stories that makes me . . . empathize, which is what I want an audience to do when we are dancing. In May 2012 Barnes and Glass collaborated on three short dances that were part of a This American Life variety show that was beamed into movie theatres nationwide. It was such a success that they decided to do a full show that combines stories and dance. Join us for an exciting evening of entertaining and unexpected convergences.

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Sunday, February 1

Happy Chinese New Year - Beijing Culture Month at the Saban Theatre

Saban Theatre

Beverly Hills, CA 90211


The Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau (BHCVB), in partnership with the Chinese International Culture Association, presents Happy Chinese New Year – Beijing Culture Month on February 1st at 8pm inside the historic Saban Theatre. 

This fourth annual celebration of the Chinese New Year in Beverly Hills will feature performances by the Beijing Performance & Arts Group, including Chinese acrobats, a Peking Opera piece by Chen Junhua and other talented dance and musical acts. The event will also host an art exhibition from the Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Center (BCEC) in the Saban lobby.

Tickets to this spectacular showcase will be given on a first-come, first-served basis to those who request tickets at the Saban box office or reserve online at www.lovebeverlyhills.com/sheep

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Monday, February 2

Wednesday, February 4

DAVID TREUER reads from his novel PRUDENCE

Skylight Books

1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027


Please join us tonight for David Treuer's haunting and unforgettable novel about love, loss, race, and desire in World War II-era America.

On a sweltering day in August 1942, Frankie Washburn returns to his family's rustic Minnesota resort for one last visit before he joins the war as a bombardier, headed for the darkened skies over Europe. Awaiting him at the Pines are those he's about to leave behind: his hovering mother; the distant father to whom he's been a disappointment; the Indian caretaker who's been more of a father to him than his own; and Billy, the childhood friend who over the years has become something much more intimate. But before the homecoming can be celebrated, the search for a German soldier, escaped from the POW camp across the river, explodes in a shocking act of violence, with consequences that will reverberate years into the future for all of them and that will shape how each of them makes sense of their lives.

With Prudence, David Treuer delivers his most ambitious and captivating novel yet. Powerful and wholly original, it's a story of desire and loss and the search for connection in a riven world; of race and class in a supposedly more innocent era. Most profoundly, it's about the secrets we choose to keep, the ones we can't help but tell, and who--and how--we're allowed to love

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Thursday, February 5

San Pedro 1st Thursday Art Walk

Downtown San Pedro

6th Street & Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, CA


Since 1996, both locals and cruise-ship tourists from the nearby Port of Los Angeles have flocked to the area to experience San Pedro’s tight-knit artists’ community, impromptu street performances and conversation-worthy art — all classic ingredients for a great art walk. The tour's 30-odd participating galleries include contemporary and textile art.

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Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America

Los Angeles Central Library, Mark Taper Auditorium

630 W. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA


Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America

Jill Leovy in conversation with Warren Olney

 Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America Jill Leovy in conversation with Warren Olney Ghettoside tells the kaleidoscopic story of one American murder—one young black man slaying another—and a driven crew of detectives whose creed is to pursue justice for forgotten victims at all costs. This fast-paced narrative of a devastating crime in South Los Angeles provides a new lens into the great subject of why murder happens in America—and how the plague of killings might yet be stopped. KCRW’s Warren Olney sits down with award-winning reporter Leovy to discuss this master work of literary journalism that is equal parts gripping detective story and provocative social critique.

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CHRISTOPHER NOXON discusses his novel PLUS ONE, together with JOEL STEIN

Skylight Books

1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027


Join us tonight for a very special reading and discussion with Christopher Noxon and columnist for Time Magazine, Joel Stein, as well as a musical performance by Eliza Noxon.

Alex Sherman-Zicklin is a midlevel marketing executive in L.A. whose wife Figgy’s fourteenth TV pilot attempt becomes a huge Emmy-winning hit. Overnight, she’s sucked into a mad show-business vortex, and Alex quits his job to become the family’s domestic first responder. He falls in with a posse of plus ones, men who are married to women whose recognition, income, and fame far eclipse their own.

This wickedly honest comedy follows Alex as he struggles to regain his mojo while remaining a loving and responsible husband and father. Plus One is a hilarious story about modern family life and the fast-changing roles of parents and partners, told from the perspective of one wonderfully quirky family that hits the Hollywood jackpot.

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Saturday, February 7

The Curious Art of Valerie von Sobel (OPENING DAY)

Voila! Gallery

518 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036


(FEB. 7-MARCH 7) Valerie von Sobel exhibits her first collection of nearly two dozen curiously unique works of assemblage at Voila! Gallery. Valerie's work plays with shape, balance, texture, and drama to tell unforgettable stories using three-dimensional space.

Voila Gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, Saturday 12pm to 5pm. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation which helps to support single parent families of terminally ill children.

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