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Saturday, May 28

Sunday, May 29

MOZART & PART: Organ Works at Disney Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Arvo Pärt both have a reputation for sonic purity and transparency, music that unfolds naturally and effortlessly. Both created works of sublime spirituality that can transcend our daily lives, giving us a glimpse of the infinite.

Come for: Mozart composed his Fantasia, K. 608, for a mechanical clock-organ. Though the intended performance medium was relatively modest, this is an imposing work in three sections, ending with a masterful display of contrapuntal writing.

And more: Annum per Annum is a little suite of seven short movements, composed as part of the celebration of the 900th anniversary of the Cathedral of Speyer in Germany. (The piece was also used in a very different context in the 1998 film The Thin Red Line.)

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