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Sunday, July 3

Richard III - Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival

Old Zoo at Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, 90027


GRIFFITH PARK FREE SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL is a summer season of free performances like no other! Freewheeling, inclusive and a bit anarchic, the festival includes mainstage performances, pre-show family events including workshops and a slate of extraordinary opening acts. Bring a blanket and a picnic to enjoy great theater in a great city. All free, all summer long. RICHARD III For over 200 years, the most produced play in the world was Colley Cibber’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s RICHARD III. Through the ages, classical actors (including David Garrick and Edmund Booth) refitted it for their versions of the indelible anti-hero. Independent Shakespeare Co. pulls the best from the past and combines it with an entirely modern take for this electrified re-imagining of the tale of a man driven to pursue power by any means.

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Santa Monica Playhouse Main Stage

1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401


Powerful and poignant, heartfelt and humorous, Santa Monica Playhouse is proud to present a one-night-only engagement of film, television and stage personality Stogie Kenyattas acclaimed NAACP Solo Show Award-Winning show about African-American artist-activist Paul Robeson. Robeson internationally renowned actor, recording artist, concert singer, football player, All-American athlete and Phi Beta Kappa Society laureate at Rutgers University, was witness to the artistic wonders of the Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz/Be-bop era, the horrors of the slave trade, the shame of the Holocaust, McCarthyism, blacklists, racism and oppression. His lifes work celebrates our common humanity as he fought globally for social justice. Armed with nothing more than the strength of his convictions and his vision of a world where men live as brothers, his message was his life," says Kenyatta. He shows us that in spite of our differences, we still have more in common than we do in conflict. Jamaican born and Brooklyn bred Stogie Kenyatta has been seen on everything from sitcoms and film to soap operas, from Bernie Mac and Jake and the Fat Man to HBOs Tyson (Co-star) to The Bold and The Beautiful. He co-headlined a USO comedy tour in Tokyo, Japan and Okinawa. The World Is My Home The Life of Paul Robeson had its first performance at the National Civil Rights Museum and has become the number one show on the American college scene, honoring a great American hero.

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