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Sunday, October 18

Wayne Hoffman in conversation with Daniel M. Jaffe

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd, Austin, CA 90069


Wayne Hoffman discusses and signs An Older Man: A Novella in conversation with Daniel M. Jaffe. Moe Pearlman-once the twenty-something protagonist of Hard-is now over forty, overweight, and going gray. He's turning into a daddy bear. That's difficult stuff for someone used to being the adorable younger guy chasing after older men. But Moe's whole conception of himself is challenged when he spends Bear Week in Provincetown. Still singular in his focus and sexual appetites after all these years, Moe starts off the week thinking he'll find a hot older guy and have an intense summer fling. Joining him on vacation, Moe's ex-lover Gene rolls his eyes at Moe's exploits, as always. Gene's disapproval has never stopped Moe before...but when the older objects of Moe's affection start looking right past him in favor of younger rivals, Moe is shaken to the core. Is his sex life about to take a dramatic nosedive? Are his days as a sexual athlete over? Perhaps not. Maybe his sex life is merely about to undergo a dramatic shift. In Provincetown, Moe meets an adorable little cub who loves his gray hair, his gut, his age. Moe isn't interested at first, and rebuffs the cub. Gene and his new boyfriend Carlos try to talk some sense into him, but he won't hear it. Then Aaron, Moe's best friend, arrives with his husband Kevin. Aaron knows the cub, who reminds him of Moe fifteen years earlier. He convinces Moe to put himself in the younger man's place, and to embrace his inner daddy at long last. Moe still isn't sure he can take such a young kid seriously, until he sees him standing up to police during a crackdown on public sex-and Moe sees himself, in his younger activist days, reflected in this younger guy. Finally, just before Bear Week ends, Moe gives in and spends the night with the cub, letting himself be the "older man" for the first time in his life. And he likes it.

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My Fair Lady 50th Anniversary Screening

James Bridges Theater, UCLA Campus

Melnitz Hall, Los Angeles, 90095


My Fair Lady is now more “lovelier” than ever with a breathtaking new restoration playing in cinemas nationwide for a limited time only. In honor of its 50th Anniversary, this eight time OSCAR winning musical has been restored frame-by-frame from the original 65mm negative and scanned utilizing start-of-the-art technology under the supervision of Robert Harris (the famed film historian).

Audrey Hepburn has never looked more radiant than as Eliza Doolittle who finds herself at the center of a friendly wager between Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) and his companion, Colonel Pickering (Wilfred Hyde-White). Can this disheveled, cockney flower girl find her voice and blossom into a proper lady presentable in high society? Performance, style and sweet spirit…plus an unforgettable score… have made My Fair Lady one of the greatest musicals in film history and a beloved and timeless classic that begs to be experienced on the big screen.

Bonus featurette (to air prior to film): The Fairest Fair Lady, a 10 minute theatrical trailer produced by Warner Bros. for the film’s original release will be added to the event screenings. The Fairest Lady takes a revealing and fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the remarkable efforts that went into making My Fair Lady.

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Monday, October 19

JJ Persis discusses and signs Zodiac Lovers: I Remember

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd, Austin, CA 90069


When she was just a child, Mojdeh's life changed.

The daughter of a private bodyguard of the last king of Iran, her five-year-old sense of the world couldn't comprehend what was happening. Her father's ties to Mohammed Reza Shah meant that her entire family would be forced into exile. Her new life in America inspired a love and loyalty she never imagined toward her homeland. Growing up in a foreign country and culture, Mojdeh did her best to fit in with society. She never let go of her true heritage. Instead, she embraced it and allowed it to shape her.

After graduating from college, Mojdeh began a new chapter in her life. Leaving her parents and siblings behind in Texas, she moved to California with the big dreams of finding both a writing career and the love of her life. A true Gemini, she used her positive attitude to overcome hurdles. A lack of romantic insight translated into three unsuccessful attempts at love. Each man was from a different walk of life, but they shared one crucial quality: they were Iranian.

In her mid-thirties, she came to an epiphany that allowed her to find her true love. For Mojdeh, life was finally complete, but her happiness was not destined to last. Forged in fire, turmoil, and disappointment, her optimistic Gemini soul allowed her to discover the clarity and strength needed to find her true identity and be at peace.

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Then Comes Marriage: United States v. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA

ALOUD @ Central Library

630 W. Fifth St., Los Angeles CA, CA 90071


Roberta Kaplan, the renowned litigator who recently won the defining United States v. Windsor case to defeat the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), takes us behind the scenes of this gripping legal journey in her new book, Then Comes Marriage. Award-winning activist and scholar Lillian Faderman’s latest book, The Gay Revolution, begins in the 1950s, when the law classified gays and lesbians as criminals, then moves to the present to offer a sweeping account of the modern struggle for gay, lesbian, and trans rights. Following this summer’s landmark Supreme Court decision supporting gay marriage, hear from two of today’s most influential champions for equality.

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Saturday, October 24