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Tuesday, April 21


Fred Kavli Theatre

2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA


(4/21) F.W. de Klerk served as president of South Africa from 1989 to 1994 and was instrumental in dismantling that country's century-old system of apartheid, despite steadfast and often violent resistance from the country's white leadership and populace. Under de Klerk's leadership, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and the formerly banned African National Congress was legalized. Both de Klerk and Mandela were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. He will share stories of his unlikely partnership with Nelson Mandela, how this union brought an end to apartheid and his hopes for the future.

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Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day LA

Music Center Plaza

135 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90012


Come to The Music Center, Grand Park and LADWP to discover ways you can live clean and go green in LA.
• E-waste Drop Off
• Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation Displays
• Tour Grand Park’s Sustainable Landscaping
• Gardening Demos
• Educational Performances
• Composting
• Plant & Tree* Giveaways
• Electric Vehicle Demos
• Recycled Art Projects
• Healthy Lifestyle Vendors
*Free trees will be available if you live or own property within the City of Los Angeles. Verification will be required (ID/Driver's License or LADWP bill). First come, first served. Limit 1 tree per address. 9am-2pm.

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Story Room

The Two Bit Circus Annex

2020 North Main Street Apartment #017, Los Angeles, 90031


Story Room is a unique 60-minute experience that combines problem solving with character twists to create a new form of live entertainment. You and your friends solve puzzles distributed across 1,000 square feet of immersive storytelling and high-tech fun. Each action and decision made affects your entire adventure, so step inside and take control.

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Corey Lee in conversation with Roy Choi

New Roads School, Moss Auditorium

3131 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, 90404


(4/22) Corey Lee in conversation with Roy Choi discussing the cultural influences, inspirations, and motivations behind his East‐meets‐West approach to his San Francisco restaurant, Benu. Since striking out on his own from Thomas Keller’s acclaimed French Laundry in 2010, Corey Lee has crafted a unique, James Beard Award‐winning cuisine that seamlessly blends his South Korean heritage with his upbringing in the United States. Benu has gone on to receive three Michelin stars, four stars from The San Francisco Chronicle, and the AAA Five Diamond Award. 

Classically trained chef Roy Choi is a culinary street revolutionary. He brings together the high and the low – deliciously, passionately, and socially. While his pedigree includes Le Bernardin and the Beverly Hilton, his fame rose with one amazing taco that tastes like L.A. – and nearly single-handedly created the gourmet food truck movement with his partners on the wings of Twitter.

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Race on the QT: Blackness and the Films of Quentin Tarantino

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd, Austin, CA 90069


Adilifu Nama discusses and signs Race on the QT: Blackness and the Films of Quentin Tarantino. Known for their violence and prolific profanity, including free use of the n-word, the films of Quentin Tarantino, like the director himself, chronically blurt out in polite company what is extremely problematic even when deliberated in private. Consequently, there is an uncomfortable and often awkward frankness associated with virtually all of Tarantino's films, particularly when it comes to race and blackness. Yet beyond the debate over whether Tarantino is or is not racist is the fact that his films effectively articulate racial anxieties circulating in American society as they engage longstanding racial discourses and hint at emerging trends. This radical racial politics--always present in Tarantino's films but kept very much on the quiet--is the subject of Race on the QT.  Adilifu Nama concisely deconstructs and reassembles the racial dynamics woven into "Reservoir Dogs," "True Romance," "Pulp Fiction," "Jackie Brown," "Kill Bill: Vol. 1," "Kill Bill: Vol. 2," "Death Proof," "Inglourious Basterds," and "Django Unchained," as they relate to historical and current racial issues in America. Nama's eclectic fusion of cultural criticism and film analysis looks beyond the director's personal racial attitudes and focuses on what Tarantino's filmic body of work has said and is saying about race in America symbolically, metaphorically, literally, impolitely, cynically, sarcastically, crudely, controversially, and brilliantly. 

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Thursday, April 23

Rebel Spirit: Lyrics of Power and Protest

Los Angeles Central Library, Mark Taper Auditorium

630 W. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA


Ana Tijoux in conversation with Jen Hofer

Raising her voice for women’s rights, immigration reform, environmental activism, and more, GRAMMY-nominated musician Ana Tijoux has transformed the global stage with her politically powered verses. Unbounded by geography and genre, Tijoux’s songwriting reflects the literary influences of her youth and the rich musical traditions of her native Chile. From Eduardo Galeano to Violeta Parra, hear—through conversation and song—the inspirations that fuel her rebel spirit. Reservations recommended. Please visit website for reservation/standby policies.

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Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


The success of STAR WARS plus the rise of the computer made science fiction a hot commodity at the end of the 1970s. A new wave of futuristic films catered to fans who frequented video arcades and took technological advance as a given. A series celebrating these films begins with THE LAST STARFIGHTER and sci-fi fantasy KRULL from the 1980s.

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Friday, April 24

HAMMER CONVERSATIONS: Matthew Barney & Kenneth Reinhard

Hammer Museum

10899 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024


Multimedia artist Matthew Barneys epic Cremaster Cycle is a five-part film accompanied by related sculptures, photographs, and drawings. His recent collaborative project with the composer Jonathan Bepler, River of Fundament, combines narrative cinema with elements of live performance, sculpture, and opera. Kenneth Reinhard is associate professor of English and Comparative Literature at UCLA. His fields of research and teaching include the history of critical and aesthetic theory, contemporary critical theory, Jewish studies, and opera. He is co-author of The Neighbor: Three Inquiries in Political Theology and After Oedipus: Shakespeare in Psychoanalysis. He also writes performance reviews for Opera Quarterly. The Hammer presents a screening of The Cremaster Cycle in its entirety during the week of April 21, culminating in this conversation at the Hammer on April 24 and the West Coast premiere of River of Fundament at CAP UCLAs Royce Hall on April 25.

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