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Friday, September 12

Saturday, September 13

Daisy Hernandez presents and signs A Cup of Water Under My Bed: A Memoir

Book Soup LA

8818 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, 60069



In this lyrical, coming-of-age memoir, Daisy Hernandez chronicles what the women in her Cuban-Colombian family taught her about love, money, and race. Her mother warns her about "envidia "and men who seduce you with pastries, while one tia bemoans that her niece is turning out to be ""una india"" instead of an American. Another auntie instructs that when two people are close, they are bound to become like "una y mugre," fingernails and dirt, and that no, Daisy's father is not godless. He's simply praying to a candy dish that can be traced back to Africa.   These lessons--rooted in women's experiences of migration, colonization, "y carino"--define in evocative detail what it means to grow up female in an immigrant home.


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The Molly Ringwalds

House of Blues Sunset Strip

West Hollywood, CA 90069


They are the World's Greatest 80's Experience. Hailing from Sheffield, England, this legendary quintet has been able to combine their individual and very formidable talents to create the true essence of the most radical decade to ever be called "The 80's." The Molly Ringwalds create an 80's Experience by honing their abilities to apply make-up and tease their hair while showcasing all the musical genres of the decade. From their days of building a following at a pub located in a large portion of a big city near a small village located south of a place you've never heard of, to selling out large venues in the United States, The Molly Ringwalds are an indescribable act. Luck and circumstance brought these young lads together. The rest is the history of the 80's.

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