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Thursday, August 28

Carla Harvey presents and signs Death & Other Dances

Book Soup LA

8818 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, 60069


Autumn Franklin is an awkward, biracial girl growing up in a suburb of Detroit. Already disconnected from her peers at an early age because of her background, she becomes even more withdrawn when her young parents divorce. Ever changing but stubbornly tenacious, she survives the cards she's been dealt by playing them against the odds. Hurt her and she will not hesitate to "kill you off," making it easier to walk away.  Transplanting herself from her factory-driven hometown to the alluring City of Angels, she has but one goal: to find herself. Struggling to make solid connections with those around her, Autumn swallows her reservations and pushes limits to the extreme as she transitions between two drastic career changes: from the bowels of the adult entertainment industry to her rebirth as a mortician. There amongst the dead, she learns what it is to live, love, and to allow others inside, finally landing in the most comfortable place of all: her own skin. 

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Friday, August 29

Gardiner Sisters

Genghis Cohen

Los Angeles, CA 90046


Singing harmony is second nature to Gardiner Sisters. They come from a musical family that loves music and the powerful positive influence it can have. Though each has a recognizable solo voice, it is hard to beat the unique blend that seems to come from Sister’s voices. Gardiner Sisters are dual citizens of the United States and Canada and have crossed the continent songwriting, performing and recording a mixture of pop, Acappella, classic, contemporary and nostalgic music.

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Saturday, August 30

Sunday, August 31