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Sunday, August 14

Metro Art Presents: The Floor + The Open Floor Society

Union Station

800 N Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA, CA 90021

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Location: Historic Ticketing Hall

The last in a summer series, The Floor Improv and instructors from The Open Floor Society invite Metro riders and the L.A. community of ALL AGES to learn a few steps of multiple styles of dance and movement, and then join us for the THE FLOOR Improv jam! THE FLOOR Improv Night is a creative crossroads where music and dance come together to explore the magic of improvisation. A live band sets the tone and provides a blend of jazz, funk, Latin sounds, Afro beat and more. Dancers respond generously with a free flow of creative intermingling of tango, breakdancing, swing, salsa, hip hop, tap, capoeira - whatever the music calls for. THE FLOOR joyfully turns the notion of the performer and audience upside down.

Metro Art Presents showcases free arts and cultural programs at historic Union Station. Produced by Metro Art, the diverse, all ages programming is designed to creatively activate the landmark station, engage the Los Angeles community and attract new riders.
Photo: Farah Sosa

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