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Saturday, May 16

Opening Reception for the Artists

Lois Lambert Gallery

Bergamot Station 2525 Michigan Ave. E-3, Santa Monica, 90404


Lois Lambert Gallery is proud to present Alan Manuel Gonzalez "Contained Metaphors", Darwin Estacio Martínez "Pinturas de Género" (Paintings of their Kind), and Luis Rodríguez NOA
"La Isla en Movimiento" (The Island on the Move). All three artists are flying in from Cuba for the Opening Reception. This will be a landmark exhibition considering our new relationship with Cuba. The show will be up starting May 16th, and go through July 12, 2015.

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Sunday, May 17

"The Architecture of Space"

Tongva Park

1615 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 90401


Incorporating live dancers and musicians from the Venice Symphony Orchestra (VSO), this site-specific work explores the effects of the landscape architecture of Tongva Park both aesthetically and psychologically. Designed to recall the arroyo landscape of washes and ravines, the park with its undulating topography provides a rich environment to examine how the shaping of space elicits emotional connections and reactions. Dancers, musicians and audience members travel throughout the park during the performance, encountering sculptures, plants, pathways and water elements. The park itself becomes a performer in the work, with its architectural elements inspiring and influencing the type of movement and sound that is performed.

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SHINE: "What My Mother Taught Me"

Promenade Playhouse

1404 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, 90401


In honor of Mother’s Day this month, SHINE will feature inspiring true tales of “What My Mother Taught Me”.  Storytellers will explore their relationships with their mothers -- the good, the bad, and the messy.

SHINE is a popular storytelling event that features experienced and new storytellers coming together once a month on Sunday evenings to share inspiring true stories. The event is known for its relaxed community atmosphere and powerful, entertaining stories.

This month, SHINE will be hosted by Deana Barone, a dynamic storyteller, actress, writer, and director. Deana also runs The Tell-Tale Company and leads story workshops for actors and business people. She created, curated and co-hosted the long-running The Trunk Show (The Elephant Theatre's monthly multi-genre storytelling show), is a Moth StorySlam winner, and a produced playwright.

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Tuesday, May 19

Saturday, May 23