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Monday, September 8

Sunset Groove with Deanne Dawson

1450 Ocean - Camera Obscura building

1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, 90401

7:00pm to 8:00pm

Join us at sunset for Sunset Groove overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in an evolutionary dance movement class where you are encouraged to dance YOUR dance creatively and authentically. Together, we unite in easy dance movements and rhythms to all styles of music. With no complicated choreography or steps to learn, you are free to relax with the music and simply enjoy your unique personal expression in community. Come unleash your authenticity, creativity and playfulness! All fitness levels welcome. Drop-in registration is available for $15.

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Tuesday, September 9

Thursday, September 11

Friday, September 12

Vintage Earring Trio or Barrette Set with Leslie Robinson

1450 Ocean - Camera Obscura building

1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, 90401

6:00pm to 8:00pm

In this class students will choose between two projects: make 3 pairs of cute post earrings, or a set of embellished barrettes. Vintage buttons, cabochons and other fun materials will be provided to attach onto silver/gold-tone pierced post earring blanks, or brass/silver tone barrette blanks. Finished projects will go home on a display card, an organza bag or a small gift box. Join in the fun to make something cute for yourself of someone special!

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Feldenkrais Body Awareness Through Movement

1450 Ocean - Camera Obscura building

1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, 90401

6:30pm to 7:30pm

This class uses a series of gentle, organized movements that awaken awareness and enhance the way you move as a whole person. Whether it is to be able to play tennis, run, work at a computer, or be able to hold your child, these classes will give you the sensory-motor experience of what it?s like to move easily and comfortably in your life.

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Citizen Culture: Artists and Architects Shape Policy

Santa Monica Museum of Art

2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404

7:30pm to 6:01pm

Citizen Culture explores the intersection of art and politics and doubles as a platform for open dialogue and engagement. It features the work of artists, architects, designers, creative thinkers, and collectives who have reshaped public policy using aesthetic strategies: Ala Plástica (Silvina Babich and Alejandro Meitín), Tania Bruguera, Suzanne Lacy, Michael Maltzan, The Medellín Diagram (Teddy Cruz, Fonna Forman, Matthias Goerlich, and Alejandro Echeverri), Antanas Mockus with Futuro Moncada, and Tamms Year Ten. Citizen Culture is organized by independent curator Lucía Sanromán.

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Saturday, September 13

Kombucha Kamp - Complete Workshop

Kombucha Kamp

Venice and Centinela, Marina Del Rey, 90066



The Complete Workshop is held on a monthly basis in Los Angeles, CA. Dates are subject to change and more classes may be added. Please email [email protected] to reserve a spot.


Saturday September 13th @ 11am


Learn how to make a lifetime supply of Kombucha! Workshop is $30 and cultures & kits are sold separately.
History of Kombucha
Health Benefits
How to Make KT
Kombucha Lifestyle

Hannah’s Homebrew – my very own homemade booch
Meeting new and interesting people who also love Kombucha
Sitting in my lovely garden with a refreshing glass of KT

What you get:
Informative & fun presentation
Sample Hannah’s Homebrew
Link to Video Library
Variety of starter kits available to fit any need.

**Get your DELUXE Brew Now Kit** Just $45 more! ($60 Retail)
Why scramble for the supplies? Let The Kombucha Mamma take care of it for you.
Includes all the supplies you need to start brewing a gallon of Kombucha today!
8oz Organic, evaporated cane sugar crystals
1oz Hannah’s Special Kombucha Tea Blend – Organic & Fair Trade
1 Reusable muslin tea bag
1-gallon glass brewing vessel ($8-15 at most stores)
Upcycled cloth cover & rubber band
Lab-grade pH strips
1 Kombucha Mamma Flavoring Packet
Complete Handbook (pdf) - Over 100 pages of information, tips & recipes!

NEXT KAMP = 9/13/2014
Starting Time: 11 AM
Duration: Usually 2.5-3 hours
Save Your Spot (valid for 3 months)

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Intro to Perfumery with Sarah Horowitz-Thran

1450 Ocean - Camera Obscura building

1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, 90401

12:30pm to 4:00pm

During this special introduction to perfumery we'll address the fundamentals of designing a fragrance and the principles of structuring and building a scent. Each student will have the opportunity to experience a palette of 100 oils provided in the class and will work with several to create two versions of their own custom fragrance. Repeat students welcome. Choose to leave with either 1 finished 1/6 ounce roll-on or 1 half-ounce Eau de Parfum of the final scent you create (additional bottles available for purchase at a student discount at the class). Perfume has long been considered to be the highest gift one can give; give yourself (or someone else) the gift of a custom scent today! This is an adaptation of Sarah's regular class which can cost five times as much - a special opportunity for 1450 Ocean; this class has limited seating so sign up today! Please call ahead if you have any sensitivities or allergies.

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