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Saturday, July 30

Malibu Arts Festival

Malibu Library and Civic Center

23625 Civic Center Way, Malibu, 90265


The Malibu Arts Festival promises to offer something for everyone. 45 years of incredible high-end art, 45 years of beauty, 45 years of a wonderful event - known world wide! Produced by the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, the two-day weekend event will take place July 30-31, from 10 am to 6 pm, in front of the Malibu Civic Center.

Considered "one of the most beautiful outdoor art festivals in the nation," the Malibu Arts Festival features over 200 award-winning painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, and other unique artisans. The Festival is divided into five (5) unique Villages of Art: Fine Art, Fashion and Jewelry, Architecture and Home, Arts in Education and the Crafts Corner.

The Malibu Arts Festival also includes an entertainment stage where original musicians perform each day, a children's workshop where kids work with artists to create their own art, and a food truck terrace featuring exciting menu items with incredible cuisine.

What you need to know:

-July 30-31, 2016, 10a-6p each day
-Located at 23555 Civic Center Way between Cross Creek and Webb Way off PCH
-There is limited free parking and a $5 lot located adjacent to the festival
-Admission is $5 per person, kids free

For more information, continue to visit www.malibu.org for updates or call the Malibu Chamber of Commerce at (310) 456-9025.

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Sunday, July 31

Wednesday, August 3

Thursday, August 4

Friday, August 5


Aero Theatre

1328 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403


THE BURNING, 1981, Park Circus/Miramax, 91 min. Dir. Tony Maylam. When a prank played on a summer camp groundskeeper turns into a fiery accident, the campfire legend of Cropsy is born - but this is no tall tale to accompany smores. A disfigured and charred Cropsy savages canoes full of hapless campers with a pair of shears as flesh is sliced, fingers are chopped and the creek bank is stained blood-red. Featuring grotesque special effects by legend Tom Savini, a rocking synth score by Rick Wakeman of Yes fame, a pre-Seinfeld Jason Alexander and a young Holly Hunter. SLEEPAWAY CAMP, 1983, ???, 84 min. Dir. Robert Hiltzik. Carrying the baggage of a childhood tragedy, shy Angela Baker is sent to summer camp with her cousin. But when a series of bizarre and grisly accidents befalls various campers and staff, it becomes apparent that theres a murderer lurking among the cabins. Hormones rage and the body count rises, all of which coalesces into one of the most jaw-dropping shock endings of all time. Print provided by the American Genre Film Archive. TWISTED NIGHTMARE, 1987, 95 min. Dir. Paul Hunt. A group of teenagers hits the summertime jackpot as they win a trip to their childhood camp. But reliving their youth isn’t on the agenda as a killer stalks and murders them one by one. Now the survivors have to figure out who or what is after them before they end up trading in their sleeping bags for body bags. Print provided by Ant Timpson and the American Genre Film Archive. Discuss

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