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Thursday, January 29

Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist


5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist presents a full-scale survey of one the most important artists of the Harlem Renaissance, featuring the painter's visual examination of African American culture during the Jazz Age. The exhibition covers Motley's entire career, including periods in Chicago, Paris, and Mexico. Motley received his formal training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and went on to create strong and somewhat solemn portraits of his community, as well as vividly hued, lively scenes of crowded dancehalls that reflect the colorful spirit of the Harlem Renaissance. The exhibition features a number of paintings depicting the black communities of Chicago and Paris just before and after the Great Depression, and concludes with introspective moments of quotidian life in Mexico, made during the artist's travels during the 1950s.

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Friday, January 30

FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Vampire's Kiss (Blu-Ray release party)


611 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA


Producer Barry Shils in person! Join us for a special 35mm screening of one of our fave horror comedies.

Before American Psycho took on the Eighties yuppie mantle as a horror metaphor, the vastly underseen and fantastically funny Vampire’s Kiss covered nearly identical territory with equally “biting” results. Coming from an era already ripe with cult classics, this unpredictable ride — from an eminently quotable and laugh-out-loud hilarious script by After Hours scribe Joseph Minion — deftly skewers upwardly-mobile NYC culture like no other, and was one of the first (and very best) films to utilize Nicolas Cage going full-tilt gonzo. The results, including Cage bravely demonstrating a bit of real-life cockroach eating, are unforgettable — but Vampire’s Kiss is more than just an exercise in gleeful insanity, as there are true moments of shock horror, a nerve-wracked performance by an endlessly tormented Maria Conchita Alonso, and a turn from Jennifer Beals at her vamped-out sexiest.

Dir. Robert Bierman, 1988, 35mm, 103 min..

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Latin American Art at LACMA


5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


1968, 104 minutes, color, 16mm | Directed by Jules Dassin; Blacklisted noir director Jules Dassin (The Naked City, Rififi) made a bold return to American filmmaking with this seldom-seen thriller that transposes John Ford’s classic film The Informer to Cleveland in the tense days after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Julian Mayfield plays Tank, an unemployed steelworker-turned-revolutionary who starts to unravel after his confidante, Johnny (Max Julien, The Mack himself), goes into hiding after a weapons heist gone wrong. Mayfield cowrote the script with Dassin and acting legend Ruby Dee, and veteran cinematographer Boris Kaufman (On the Waterfront) works in both expressive chiaroscuro and brightly lit realism. Other contributions include the only film score ever written by Memphis soul legends Booker T. and the M. G.’s, and Theoni V. Aldredge’s atmospheric costumes. The cast includes a wealth of African American talent, many appearing early in their film careers, including Raymond St. Jacques, Roscoe Lee Browne, and Janet MacLachlan.

Your ticket also includes admission to Taxi Driver.

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Mimoda Studio

5774 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, 90019


Seeking Our Story celebrates filmmaker Mary Harron with her classic horror flick AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) presented by Tema Staig of @WomenNMedia. Harron adapts Bret Easton Ellis novel on the psychopathic flip side to a wealthy, New York investment banker as played by Christian Bale. Seeking Our Story welcomes all filmmakers and film enthusiasts who seek education and inspiration through viewing and discussing films made by women.

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