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Wednesday, March 4

The Catnip Club

Golden Box

6675 Hollywood Blvd. (Entrance located in the parking lot alley off of Las Palmas), Los Angeles, 90028




Welcome to your new favorite party in Hollywood…

The Catnip Club is a private member’s club & community. We cater for those who like the feline things in life… because all good people love pussy.
We are dedicated to making kittens and their humans lives better by creating high quality, seductive entertainment and building a community of like minded individuals.

This is a polysexual party that is a celebration of felines and their seductive energy. Think Studio 54 meets Cat People: we aim to tease, titillate and innovate. You will experience eccentric, elaborate, near naked performance art fresh from LA, as the pussies host your Catnip Club experience.

Think of all the clubs you’ve ever wanted to go to: Michael Alig’s Limelight, Nag Nag Nag in London, Berghain in Berlin, Studio 54… this event takes the sensibilities and the outright hedonism of those events and packages it for a femininely empowered audience. We little down the raw male edges of these events and deliver fluid, sexy fun for all genders.

Dress up, wear ears and a tail, dance like nobody is watching to our unique mix of nu disco, house, disco italo with some guilty pleasures strewn in for good measure. Purr, drink milk, channel your feline energy and be free. We can’t wait to meet you.

Early cat catches the mouse: $5 pre tickets for the first 100 people, $10 after or OTD.

Part of the proceeds go to Kitten Bungalow, a non profit cat rescue based in Los Angeles. Meow!


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Thursday, March 5