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Tuesday, May 13

WordLove Tour Los Angeles

Studio 1342

1342 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, 90019


We have both been inspiring and empowering within our own communities. Helping our clients by our 1:1 guidance, group workshops, as well as, offering access to a positive collective of people to thrive in.

We want to bring Word. Love. to more people because when we are happily living and working, we give more back to our families, children, lover, co-worker and community as a whole. These are the building blocks to changing the world. Who says it’s impossible!

We are living proof and we want this feeling to be infectious.

All who attend the workshop will be invited to a closed group forum (on Facebook) to use each other as support and a resource. You can of course keep in touch with Brandi and I as well.

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