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Sunday, February 21

Heaven's Gate

Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


1980, Park Circus, 219 min. After his Academy Award-winning triumph with THE DEER HUNTER, director Michael Cimino broadened and deepened his epic vision of America even further with this elegiac Western. Kris Kristofferson is a sheriff caught in the middle of mounting tensions between affluent landowners and newly arrived homesteaders in 1890s Wyoming; complicating matters is a burgeoning love triangle among Kristofferson, his paramour Ella (Isabelle Huppert) and hired gun Christopher Walken. In Cimino’s hands the personal, political, and historical intersect to powerful effect, with a majesty more apparent than ever in this stunning new restoration personally supervised by the director.

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Monday, February 22