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Thursday, April 16

The Cherry After School Special: Cherry Crush/Cherry/The Cherry Pick

IO West Theater

Hollywood, 90028


The improv team Cherry is the host of this three part event! It takes place every Monday night at 10pm at iO West. Not only is The Cherry After School Special three shows for the price of one ($5!), but it also allows audience members the chance to come up on stage and perform improv with iOs finest teachers and alumni! The three parts are as follows:

Cherry Crush: Two teams face off, but only the audiences true crush will come back to the Mainstage next week.

Cherry: Juicy, fresh, and organic improv. An audience members innocent one word suggestion begets an entire world of laughs and comedic spectacle.

Cherry Pick: Every Monday at 10pm as you walk in the theater, put your Student ID (all improv schools are welcome) in the bowl and you might get Cherry Picked to hop on stage and play with some of iOs best veterans.

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