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Friday, January 30

Double Feature: The French Connection & The Driver

Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028


THE FRENCH CONNECTION, 1971, 20th Century Fox, 104 min. Dir. William Friedkin. Arguably the greatest American crime film ever made. Gene Hackman stars as Detective Popeye Doyle, whos muscling minor hoods in NYC (the You ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie? scene is still a classic) when he catches the trail of a huge shipment of French heroin. With partner Roy Scheider, Hackman dogs drug kingpin Fernando Rey through the concrete jungle - highlighted by a brain-jangling car chase that still hasnt been topped. 

THE DRIVER, 1978, 20th Century Fox, 90 min. Dir. Walter Hill. An extremely tough, pared-to-the-bone noir, vastly underrated on its initial release, THE DRIVER pits existential getaway driver Ryan ONeal against pitbull detective Bruce Dern in a cat-and-mouse pursuit through the wasted underbelly of mid-70s Los Angeles. Walter Hills homage to Jean-Pierre Melville and the Euro crime film offers spectacular car chases and, in her first Hollywood film, Isabelle Adjani. 

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Saturday, January 31

Faery Fun at Fern Dell

Fern Dell, Griffith Park

2500 Fern Dell Dr., Los Angeles, 90027

10:30am to 11:30am

Deep within the forest where the friggle flowers grow, wondrous faeries can be found! Will you help Auntie Angelica find the faery door into Faeryland? Join this fun and gentle quest through the forest, meet the faery folke and become part of the story in this interactive original show. The shows are for boys and girls, and the young-at-heart. Please feel free to wear your faery best costume!
Reservations suggested: 818-324-6802; www.afaeryhunt.com
Ages 2-10
Groups and birthdays are welcome

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