As the craft cocktail movement continues to grow by leaps and bounds, hotel bars throughout Los Angeles have stepped up their cocktail game to feature classic drinks and signature creations that are among the best in the city.


By Rachael Rollins

Los Angeles is one of the nation’s best cities for dance lovers. International talent comes to Los Angeles to train and perform, thrilling audiences with exciting live productions. Grab your dancing shoes and experience the best of dance culture in Los Angeles at these great attractions.

Travelers from all over the world come to our city to check out not just LA accommodations, but also the hotel bars and their legendary cocktails. Always among the city's trendiest hangout spots, the best hotel bars in Los Angeles offer double duty: unique atmospheres and great drinks. Here are 16 to check out.

by Rachael Rollins


LA comedy clubs are among the best and most legendary in the country. With national headliners such as Ben Bailey, Loni Love and Ralphie May making regular appearances, fans are always in for a night of sidesplitting laughter.

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在LA的海滨社区,温暖的沙滩,咸咸的海水,静谧的空气和滚滚的波涛会激起人一种像催眠了似的放松感。乡土气息的裙子和凉鞋,太阳普照着社区那种惬意的生 活使人毫不奇怪,无论是谁住在这里都会把烦恼抛在九霄云外。然而LA的沿岸地区是众所周知的海滩浪人关注区,居住在这里的艺术家给这里带来了波西米亚风 情。这里有精美炫目的流行衣饰,也有2 00美元的T恤,新潮的太阳镜,前沿时尚性设计的牛仔裙。别担心,这里总有适合你的,总之,这里的一切都漂亮舒适且又可爱。

Los Angeles - where celebrities often mingle with the masses - is certainly accustomed to hosting high-profile guests, but no one receives the red carpet treatment quite like L.A.’s most famous visitors: U.S. presidents. Although you probably won’t arrive aboard Air Force One or be escorted around the city in a motorcade, you can still take some cues from our nation’s Chief Executives and experience presidential L.A. 


The city of Los Angeles honors our nation's military members all year round, from special events to discounts at a variety of L.A. area attractions. In addition, there are a number of military-themed museums that delve into the history of several wars.

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El Escenario:
Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, Jessica, Cameron — nombres que son pronunciados regularmente en las mas novedosas boutiques y tiendas de Los Angeles. Traigan su cámara fotográfica por si se encuentran en el camino a alguna de estas bellezas. Prepárense con lo básico que les recomendamos a continuación y muy pronto podrán estar de compras junto con las celebridades y en medio de lo mas grande de Los Angeles.

Las Provisiones:

Los Angeles dio la bienvenida a IRIS, un viaje a través del mundo de la cinematografía, el primer show del Cirque du Soleil de carácter permanente en Los Angeles. Creado especialmente para un escenario permanente, IRIS continúa con gran éxito su temporada de presentaciones. Inspirado en el mundo de la cinematografía, IRIS presenta un viaje imaginario a través de la evolución de la cinematografía.