From sleek and modern to spiritual, the Los Angeles skyline features some of the world's great buildings, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects. Whether you're an architecture geek or simply want to admire these stunning buildings, read on for LA Tourism's guide to LA's cutting edge architecture.


Los Angeles enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate — moderate temperatures with low humidity year-round. Midday readings average 80 degrees from June to October and 70 degrees between November and May. In December and January, when others around the country are shivering, locals may be heading to the beach in shorts and short sleeves. The rainy season is between November and March, when a few rainy days are typically followed by many days of brilliant sunshine and clear bright skies. Summer’s warmth is often tempered by pleasant sea breezes, especially near the ocean.

Read on for information about historic locations that were featured in the 2009 Fox Searchlight film (500) Days of Summer, courtesy of the Los Angeles Conservancy. The film is a romantic comedy, but many have pointed out that the City of Los Angeles and its stunning architecture play almost as important a role as the young couple, Tom and Summer.


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Every second Thursday of the month from noon to 10 p.m., art lovers gather in Downtown LA for the Downtown Art Walk. Join in on the fun by taking a free self-guided tour of the area's hottest galleries, ranging from commercial art to nonprofit venues. If you're having trouble choosing where to visit, these galleries have garnered reputations for style, scene and cutting-edge art.


For golfers, vacationing often means hitting the links, and LA's pleasant year-round weather and fantastic array of public courses will thrill any golf fanatic.

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Getting acquainted with the numerous hiking trails in Los Angeles is the perfect way to discover why L.A. is the ideal place to get outside. Most of the hikes listed here are easy to moderate, so it’s not necessary to be an experienced hiker to enjoy them. However, it’s always wise to keep a few things in mind when you’re planning an excursion. Wear sturdy hiking shoes, carry plenty of drinking water, use sunscreen and wear sunglasses. Take along a camera, make sure you stay on the trails and have fun.

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Vista Hermosa Natural Park | Photo by Making Images | L.A., Flickr

In Los Angeles you can partake in every type of outdoor sport imaginable — disco roller skating, anyone? In fact, it’s not a question of what you’re going to do in LA, but rather how much time you have to fit it all in. The options are endless, but your time isn’t. So plan your LA adventure well and leave knowing you gave it your all.


During the day, the little alley of Chung King Road, Los Angeles — only some 40 feet wide — is bare and quiet. The occasional lone straggler might make his way through the alley, a shortcut to get to Chinatown’s main attractions. But on art opening nights, which occur on Saturdays every few weeks, throngs of LA art enthusiasts come to check out the latest in a new wave of galleries settling into Chung King Road’s less-than-shiny streetscape.

West Third Street shopping has taken on international flair, becoming the favorite shopping spot for LA’s most fashion savvy visitors and locals. If Rodeo Drive is the Sophia Loren of shopping in Los Angeles, West Third Street represents Julia Roberts and the generation that follows — still classy but flaunting stylistic freedom. Step inside one of these colorful, independent boutiques to experience West Third Street shopping at its best.