No, vats of boiling oil don’t necessarily have to result in some kind of twisted medieval torture. It’s actually just part of the process for producing fried chicken, one of the most beloved dishes worldwide. Los Angeles chefs have embraced the bird, and they’re producing versions that draw on diverse cultures to please palates.

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On a recent weekday afternoon, two thirty-something girlfriends met up at 3 Square Cafe, Hans Röckenwagner’s modern Venice restaurant. They scored one of the several sidewalk tables. As they perused the menus, the third member of their party watched passers-by. That would be Joffrey, a Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, who was chilling under the table.

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The San Fernando Valley is well-known to foodies as the home to some of the city’s best sushi restaurants. But there’s a lot more to the 818 than yellowtail and omakase. So without further ado, our well researched, very subjective list of a dozen essential San Fernando Valley restaurants. And because no roundup of the Valley’s key eats would be complete without them, a couple of sushi spots are included.

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There's nothing like a nice lunch to break up your daily routine. For many, a good workplace not only means having an awesome boss and coworkers or an easy commute, there also needs to be a plethora of solid lunch options. In the West LA area, the stretch of Sawtelle Blvd. between Santa Monica and Olympic, known as "Little Osaka," is an amazing "lunch time cafeteria" devoid of corporate, strip-mall restaurants. And if you're into Asian food, the 2pm post-lunch food coma that follows will be completely worth it. Here are some places we enjoy in Little Osaka.

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Thai Town technically encompasses Hollywood Boulevard between Normandie and Western Avenues, and the neighborhood officially came to be in 1999, but the area has so much more history, and plenty of enticing dining options, well beyond those seemingly arbitrary borders. Here are 12 of the best restaurants in Thai Town.

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Whether you believe the concept of food as an aphrodisiac is a mere myth or based on hard facts, what’s the harm in a little experimentation? Oysters and chocolates—essentially the “his and hers” of purported libido-boosters—are two of the most well known aphrodisiacs, but others include avocados, figs and even sea urchins. Not to mention the most obvious of all: alcohol.


Located on Westwood Boulevard between Wilshire and Pico, the pocket of Persian restaurants near UCLA is in an area officially recognized by the City of Los Angeles as Persian Square, often referred to as Little Persia. Most menus focus on traditional cuisine and have strong similarities, while others specialize in more modern fusion favorites like Persian pizza or hybrid sandwiches.

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LA’s time to take its position as a serious food city has arrived. And dineLA wants to make sure the world knows.


There's always something interesting happening in LA's world class dining scene. Stay in the loop with the best food event calendar in Los Angeles.


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