Los Angeles - where celebrities often mingle with the masses - is certainly accustomed to hosting high-profile guests, but no one receives the red carpet treatment quite like L.A.’s most famous visitors: U.S. presidents. Although you probably won’t arrive aboard Air Force One or be escorted around the city in a motorcade, you can still take some cues from our nation’s Chief Executives and experience presidential L.A. 


The city of Los Angeles honors our nation's military members all year round, from special events to discounts at a variety of L.A. area attractions. In addition, there are a number of military-themed museums that delve into the history of several wars.

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Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, Jessica, Cameron — nombres que son pronunciados regularmente en las mas novedosas boutiques y tiendas de Los Angeles. Traigan su cámara fotográfica por si se encuentran en el camino a alguna de estas bellezas. Prepárense con lo básico que les recomendamos a continuación y muy pronto podrán estar de compras junto con las celebridades y en medio de lo mas grande de Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles dio la bienvenida a IRIS, un viaje a través del mundo de la cinematografía, el primer show del Cirque du Soleil de carácter permanente en Los Angeles. Creado especialmente para un escenario permanente, IRIS continúa con gran éxito su temporada de presentaciones. Inspirado en el mundo de la cinematografía, IRIS presenta un viaje imaginario a través de la evolución de la cinematografía.


Everyone wants the perfect vacation, which is sometimes hard to achieve if the kids are complaining, tired or frustrated (as traveling children often are). Luckily for parents, the odds in LAare stacked in your favor. This is the capital city of family-friendly things to do, and our attractions can entertain even the grumpiest, most demanding visitors. Use these itinerary options to ride the next big coaster, experience the city’s landmarks and finally understand what it means to say, “That’s So LA.”

DAY 1: Getting to Know Universal

Unique group dining spots in Los Angeles aren’t hard to come by. After all, this is one of the country’s major epicurean hotbeds, touting celebrity chefs that never stop surprising. For those who think quality goes down with quantity, they’ve surely never been to LA. These 10 restaurants are the cream of the crop when it comes to group dining in LA — unique, professional and of course, delicious.

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The Los Angeles Visitor Information Centers’ multilingual staff answer travel questions, provide directions and public transportation information, assist with itineraries and make recommendations on dining, sightseeing and cultural options. Centers also sell tickets to attractions and provide maps and travel guides.

Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board has two Visitor Information Centers located adjacent to METRO stations at:

From sleek and modern to spiritual, the Los Angeles skyline features some of the world's great buildings, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects. Whether you're an architecture geek or simply want to admire these stunning buildings, read on for L.A. Tourism's guide to L.A.'s cutting edge architecture.


Read on for information about historic locations that were featured in the 2009 Fox Searchlight film (500) Days of Summer, courtesy of the Los Angeles Conservancy. The film is a romantic comedy, but many have pointed out that the City of Los Angeles and its stunning architecture play almost as important a role as the young couple, Tom and Summer.

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