Dream Guest is a dineLA series that asks chefs and bartenders who they'd most like to see walk into their restaurant or bar, and what they'd serve this special guest.


We are blessed with a lot of good Mexican food in Los Angeles. But for sheer number and breadth of Mexican restaurants, bakeries and sweet shops, you can’t beat Boyle Heights. Sound far? It’s really just a couple minutes from the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, on the other side of the river. You can even take the Metro there, destination Mariachi Plaza.


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Los Angeles is the television capital of the country, and for decades many of TV’s most successful comedy series have been filmed at famed L.A. landmarks like Universal Studios Hollywood, the Studios at Paramount and Warner Bros. And not just the sitcoms with storylines set in Los Angeles. Even many shows strongly associated with another city—Seinfeld and New York, for example—were mostly shot in Los Angeles on a soundstage. The upside of all this Hollywood magic is that visitors to L.A.

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Beverly Hills is often associated with a rich and luxurious lifestyle, but the truth is that there are also many affordable activities and fun things to do for those on a budget. Whether it’s free museums and attractions, or happy hours and famous cupcakes, learn how to do Beverly Hills like an insider. 


Generations of filmmakers have featured Beverly Hills landmarks, restaurants and hotels in movies that range from iconic romantic comedies like Pretty Woman to hit action flicks such as Beverly Hills Cop. Beverly Hills has also played itself in many a starring role. Read on for some of the best movies that take place in Beverly Hills.

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At night, Hollywood Boulevard is a catwalk lined with velvet ropes, stylish socialites and paparazzi. Hollywood's vibrant nightlife features some of the coolest bars and hottest lounges in LA. Read on and find out more about some of Hollywood's top nightspots, all located a short distance from each other, for the ultimate Tinseltown bar crawl.


While the origin of ceviche is disputed, the Latin American expression of citrus-marinated raw and cooked seafood is the national dish of Peru, ubiquitous along Mexico’s shorelines, and celebrated in virtually every Latin American country. Los Angeles is home to the broadest range of Latin American cultures in the US which is mouthwateringly good news to aficionados of this cool, refreshing beach preparation.

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