Despite the strong growth in arrivals from China, many Chinese visitors do not experience the best of Los Angeles.  High quality Chinese-language information at points of interest is in short supply, and Chinese travelers lack trust and comfort, given their unique habits and preferences.

The China-Ready Training and Designation Program ensures that a satisfactory level of China-readiness has been established by designated LATCB members, to deliver on LA’s promise as the premier destination for Chinese visitors. It also provides a series of relevant, in-depth training sessions for companies that wish to better understand Chinese traveler preferences and tailor products to meet their needs.  The program bridges the gap between Chinese visitor expectations and LA’s hospitality and attraction offerings, and markets these designated businesses to Chinese travel trade and visitors to build trust and acceptance.

LATCB’s China-Ready Training and Designation Program aims to incentivize Chinese visitors to spend more time in Los Angeles, helping LA Tourism members to raise their revenue from Chinese visitors and meet Chinese travelers expectations.


- Hotels
- Attractions and Cultural Institutions
- Shopping
- Restaurants
- Sightseeing and Transportation Provider


- Launch of program February 26th
- Repeat of China Essentials seminar March 25th
- Monthly training sessions April through December 2014
- Ongoing designation once requirements are met
- Designation valid for two years


- Attend a minimum of three training sessions (one of which must be China-Ready Essentials)
- Meet minimum China-Ready requirements
- Submit proof of required amenities and services for relevant application category


- Introduction to LA-based China receptive operators
- Listing on LATCB China website as China Ready
- Mention in LATCB’s Chinese Visitors Guide as China Ready
- Dedicated feature on LATCB’s Weibo account (Chinese social media platform)
- Use of Nihao China logo on member website, in printed materials and on site
- Inclusion in LATCB’s Chinese travel trade marketing and PR outreach
- Pre-approval for China National Tourism Administration’s Quality Service Certification with streamlined application process

- US$35 per person per training seminar
- US$195 per company designation cost for qualified China-Ready businesses is a separate fee, once criteria have been met

China-Ready Designation reflects only that a member business has completed the China-Ready Training and Designation program.


China-Ready Training Schedule

China-Ready Requirements

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