Photo Tips for Restaurant Week

Taking great photos of food with a phone isn't easy, just ask Martha Stewart. To give you the best opportunity to win our "Dine. Snap. Win" contest during dineLA's Restaurant Week (Jan. 19-Feb. 1), we've asked Los Angeles photographer, Rick Poon, to share a few secrets on how to take gorgeous food photos from a smartphone. The images below are Instagram-ready, so you can share with friends who are in need of a few helpful tips.

Rick Poon is a photographer obsessed with food, travel, and design, though not necessarily in that order. Rick's photos and writing have been featured in Food & Wine, and his blog, à la mode, was named a Top 50 food blog by Saveur. 

Window Light is Your Friend.

Shoot From Above.

Not Everything Looks Good from Top-Down.

A Light Touch is Best.

Vary Your Shots.

Lights, Camera, Action.

Be Selective.