Passport Gay LA Quiz

Photo courtesy of Passport Magazine, Facebook

1) Which of these LGBT-friendly communities is not a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles?

A. Hollywood

B. Silver Lake

C. Studio City

D. West Hollywood

Answer: D. The City of West Hollywood is an independent municipality surrounded by the City of Los Angeles.

2) What is the oldest film festival in Los Angeles, the world capital of cinema?

A. Downtown LA Film Festival

B. Los Angeles Film Festival

C. OutFest Los Angeles

D. Pan-African Film Festival

Answer: C. Outfest, the nation's largest LGBT film festival celebrates its 31st anniversary in 2013.

3) Which of the two following L.A. museums recently jointly acquired the complete archives of iconic gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe?

A. Annenberg Space for Photography and California African American Museum

B. Fowler Museum at UCLA and Skirball Cultural Center

C. Hammer Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

D. J. Paul Getty Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Answer: D. The J. Paul Getty Museum and LACMA jointly acquired Mapplethorpe's archives in 2011. Together, they are preparing major retrospectives of the artist's life and work at each museum in 2016.

4) As a result of a gay bar raid by police, the nation's first major protests of police harassment and brutality against the LGBT community occurred where?

A. Chicago

B. Los Angeles

C. New York

D. San Francisco

Answer: B. The gay-friendly Black Cat Tavern in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles was raided on New Year's Day in 1967 by 12 plainclothes police officers who beat and arrested employees and patrons. The raid immediately prompted a series of LGBT community protests against the LAPD, almost fully two-and-a half years before New York's famous Stonewall Inn riots.

5) Los Angeles is the birthplace of which of these LGBT institutions?

A. The acronym PRIDE, now commonly used in conjunction with gay celebrations worldwide.

B. The Advocate, the oldest and largest LGBT publication in the U.S.

C. The first ongoing gay rights group in the nation.

D. The national advocacy group Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

E. All of the above

Answer: E. The Advocate was first published as a local newsletter by the activist group PRIDE (Personal Rights in Defense and Education) in Los Angeles. The nation's first sustained gay rights group, The Mattachine Society, was founded in 1950 by Harry Hay, considered the "Father of the Gay Rights Movement." The first PFLAG office was established in Los Angeles in 1981 under founding president Adele Starr.