L.A. Story Spotlight: Masi Oka

Photo courtesy of Masi Oka

Interviewed by Izumi Hasegawa

Actor Masi Oka is best known for his role as Hiro Nakamura in the TV series Heroes - fans still remember the comic book geek’s cry of “Yatta!” (meaning “I did it!” or “Great!” in Japanese). Oka currently stars as Dr. Max Bergman on Hawaii Five-0. A native of Tokyo, Oka moved to Los Angeles when he was six years old and considers himself an Angeleno.

One of Oka's favorite things to do in L.A. is go for a drive on Mulholland Drive: "We used to take Mulholland Drive to my elementary school, so it’s very nostalgic. I love it because you get to see the beauty of L.A.’s north and south sides. At night, it’s the most beautiful view you can get. Griffith Park and the Getty Museum are staples, but Mulholland Drive for me was always very romantic. Put the music on and drive around and go on a date." Read on for more of Masi Oka's favorite L.A. restaurants and activities.

L.A. is a city of stories. Not just screenplays and novels. But real life stories that can only happen in L.A. A close encounter with dolphins. A brush with a celebrity. A cupcake from a vending machine. It could be an event, an exhibit, a song. But the moment it happens, you can’t wait to tell everyone back home about it. What’s your L.A. story?

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