Discover the Beach Cities Car Free

Santa Monica Pier | Photo courtesy of red.dahlia, Flickr

No place conveys the healthy lifestyle often associated with Los Angeles more than the area’s coastal communities. So it’s only natural that a one-day tour of the beach cities of Santa Monica and Venice would be of the human-powered variety, with no motors required. Here’s a local itinerary that can be completed by bike, on foot or even on skateboard.

Allow a minimum of six hours walking, or three hours biking, for this day-long coastal itinerary. Essentials include comfortable shoes/sandals, sunscreen and occasional water breaks.

Recommended Methods of Travel: Walking or Biking
Total Distance: 5.6 miles. Distance Walking or Biking: 5.6 miles

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The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board has partnered with hotels across the city to curate exclusive travel packages inspired by the Car Free L.A. program – making it easy for visitors to stay and experience Los Angeles without relying on a car.

Experience Builder

380 Santa Monica Pier
90401 Santa Monica, CA
395 Santa Monica Place
90401 Santa Monica, CA
1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd
90291 Venice, CA
200 Santa Monica Pier
90401 Santa Monica, CA
2640 Main Street
90405 Santa Monica, CA
1800 Ocean Front Walk
90291 Venice, CA
200 Linnie Canal
90291 Venice, CA
1600 Ocean Front Walk
90401 Santa Monica, CA