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FYF Fest at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

FYF Fest Founder Sean Carlson Shares His Favorite Moments


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This is not your usual music fest, but that was clear from the outset, thanks to its founder, Sean Carlson. Founded in 2004 when Carlson was just 18 years old, FYF was originally funded by impromptu vegan breakfasts and elaborate local scavenger hunts. After the jump, read on for some of Sean Carlson's favorite fest moments over the years.

Exploring the Legendary Sunset Strip


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The Sunset Strip, a stretch of Sunset Boulevard between Crescent Heights Boulevard and Doheny Drive, is one of L.A.’s most iconic neighborhoods. It was the setting for counterculture protests in the 1960s, rock and roll decadence in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and it exists today as a showcase for the good life, providing elegant hotel rooms, live music venues and fine restaurants.