October 2012 (195)

Top Los Angeles Salads


Joshua Lurie

Certain stigmas surround salads. A salad doesn’t necessarily have to be a starter. Salads don’t even have to contain lettuce. Heck, a salad can even qualify as a filling meal. Here are 14 of the best salads in Los Angeles.

Renovaciones en LAX


Descubra Los Angeles

Como la puerta de entrada a la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos y el enlace internacional #1 con la región de Asia/Pacifico, LAX ofrece vuelos directos desde 76 ciudades de los Estados Unidos y desde 61 destinos internacionales. LAX es el quinto aeropuerto de pasajeros más ocupado en el mundo.



Helene and Catherine An lead dineLA on a sensory tour of their cooking garden and into the kitchen for a meal that's as healthy as it is delicious.



Delphine's Chef Sascha Lyon goes Cote d'Azure on us with a sunny taste of Southern France—seafood tower and all.



The chef behind The Oinkster has opened an Old School Italian restaurant in Highland Park.

M.B. Post


Chef David Lefevre welcomes dineLA in for a tour of the South Bay's M.B. Post and cooks up some of the house favorites.

Chaya Brasserie


dineLA explores the storied history of Chaya Brasserie and talks to its quintessential fusion chef.

The Gorbals


Ilan Hall takes dineLA for a spin in the kitchen at The Gorbals and cooks up one of his Scottish favorites.