August 2014 - Lodging Metrics


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Los Angeles ranked 6th place among the Top 25 Markets with an Occupancy rate of 87.1%, up +2.5% compared to the same period last year (84.9%).



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Around the world, in town, and on the web, LATCB is working to help grow and support the Los Angeles tourism community and keep the world coming to L.A.

News & Notes - October 2014


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Los Angeles charges into the first full month of the fall season with a combination of momentum from what may have been a record summer season for L.A. visitation and a growing list of fall tradeshows for members to further expand their U.S. and global presence. Members can use this month's newsletter to review LATCB-hosted September FAMs for some of the world's travel influencers while strategizing where best to promote both their own success stories and the L.A. brand in general this year.

What's Coming - October 2014


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Join us for the next LATCB monthly Member Mixer coming up on Thursday, Oct. 23, 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Tuna carpaccio at Okumura

Top 10 Restaurants on Ventura Boulevard


Clarissa Wei

Ventura Boulevard is the main artery of the San Fernando Valley, a straight east-to-west shot from Studio City to Calabasas. It’s where you'll find all the cool shops: there are malls, yoga studios, vintage stores, bars and a multicultural variety of restaurants. Here are the top ten places to eat on Ventura Boulevard.

Golyester vintage store

The Best Vintage Stores in Los Angeles


Sarah Dandashy

There’s something very effortless about Los Angeles fashion. This is a city that cares about comfort and street style, ways to express yourself that are more than just runway trends. Angelenos like to wear a mix of upscale and casual, classic and haute couture, all while keeping our vibe constantly cool. Whether you are a vintage clothes fanatic or just want to spice up your wardrobe with a unique “blast from the past” frock, Los Angeles is home to many notable, second-hand stores. Read on for a guide to some of the city’s best vintage stores. Get ready, your retro treasure hunt is about to begin!

Poketo store at The Line Hotel

Gift Stores at Los Angeles Hotels


Discover Los Angeles

Los Angeles hotels offer their guests everything they need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Even better, many of them offer signature and unique items that let you take home more than just memories. From Downtown to the beach cities, here are ten great Los Angeles hotel gift stores.

Fair Oaks sundae at Fair Oaks Pharmacy

The Best Ice Cream Sundaes in Los Angeles


Joshua Lurie

Ice cream is one of the most important building blocks when creating a sundae, but unlike a cup or cone, a sundae’s collective ingredients transcend the core product. Sundaes can be more forgiving, and the toppings can help cover for ice cream imperfections. However, why not have it all? Here are 10 of the top sundaes in Los Angeles.

Descubre el Arte en las Calles de Los Ángeles


Descubra Los Angeles

Desde sus orígenes en los años 60, el arte callejero se ha vuelto un movimiento artístico establecido mundialmente. Los artistas de Los Ángeles estuvieron entre los pioneros de esta forma de arte, y hoy en día L.A. tiene miles de murales callejeros que representan la vida a través de los estilos artísticos que pueden variar desde clásico a moderno, de impresionista a punk y también hip-hop. Pocas áreas de L.A proporcionan una colección más condensada de lo mejor en arte callejero local que el Distrito Artístico (Arts District), ubicado en el extremo este del Centro de la Ciudad. El entusiasta que recorre L.A. sin auto y fundador de BlacklistLA, Erik Valiente, ofrece un itinerario de sus gemas favoritas de arte callejero en el Centro de L.A. que pueden ser exploradas sin automóvil.
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