Rocky Peak Park at sunset

The Best Difficult Hikes in Los Angeles


Joshua Lurie

One of the best aspects of living in Los Angeles is its proximity to the great outdoors. The beach, mountains and desert are all within striking distance. Hiking is always an option, whether it’s the Santa Monica Mountains, Hollywood Hills or the mighty San Gabriel Mountains. Now that you’ve conquered easy hikes and stepped up to intermediate hikes, you’re ready to learn about nine of the best difficult hikes in L.A. County, which either span more than six miles or climb more than 1,000 feet of altitude. These hikes are sure to get your heart racing and may even require some recovery time (unless you frequent fire roads).

A few quick reminders:
1. Carry your cell phone with you in case of emergency. The signal can be limited in the mountains, but the phone is your best friend if you run into trouble.
2. Carry plenty of water because trails often offer little shade and it can get hot.
3. Wear sunscreen. Even if the sky starts overcast, sun often breaks through clouds.
4. Stay to the center of the trail to limit contact with plants like poison ivy and wildlife like rattlesnakes and tarantulas.

TCL Chinese Theatre interior

The Best Movie Theaters in Los Angeles


Leslee Komaiko

There are nearly 40,000 movie screens in the U.S.; not all are created equally. Here in Los Angeles, we are blessed with some of the most outstanding movie theaters in the country. Some are historic, some feature state-of-the-art technology - or even a mix of both. Others offer such cutting edge fare, you’d be hard pressed to find these films anywhere else. So the next time you go to the movies, why not make it one of these spots. Just be warned, once you visit one, it may be hard to go back to your neighborhood multiplex.



ロサンゼルス 観光局公式サイト

こちらのサイトでも以前『Top 10 Easy Hiles in LA』と題して初心者向けのコースをご紹介しましたが、今回は少しレベルアップした、中級者向けのコース(後編)をご紹介します。そこまでハードではないので、「次の日会社を休まなきゃ!」なんて心配はいらないのでご安心を。コース中は心拍数も上がり、多少疲れることはあるかもしれませんが、山からの景色を見れば疲れなんて何のその!ぜひこの機会にご紹介するコースに足を運んでください!

West Hollywood


Discover Los Angeles

Der legendäre Sunset Strip, der noble Robertson Blvd. und eine lebendige Gay-Community sind nur einige der Gründe, warum West Hollywood (genannt „WeHo“) zu den beliebtesten Vierteln in Los Angeles zählt. 

The LA Bluegrass Situation: Oct. 3, 2015 at the Greek Theatre


Discover Los Angeles

“I can't imagine a more perfect autumn Saturday in Los Angeles,” said actor Ed Helms, co-founder of The Bluegrass Situation. “A full day festival with amazing roots music, family activities and L.A.’s favorite local food vendors, all outdoors at the stunning Greek Theatre tucked within Griffith Park. If only you could also have a cold beer right at sunset. Oh wait... you can!”

Bronson Gate at Paramount Pictures

Go On Location: Film Noir Locations in Los Angeles


Lindsay Blake

Now listen here, dames and gents! The landscape of Los Angeles has been captured in countless film noirs over the years. Though many of the shadowy alleyways, smoke-filled buildings and dark corners featured in them no longer stand, there are a few locales that remain intact. You’d better read on for a list of ten L.A. film noir locations - if you know what’s good for you.